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We specialize in shooting LIVE Performance Video, & video shot In The Studio or On Location.  We also shoot for a variety of other events, occasions & purposes.  Check our list of potential applications in the sidebar below-right, & you will get some idea of the types of video projects we can do for you.  Or, give us a call or send an email to ask us questions about your potential video project!

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NOTE FROM BAD DOG VIDEO:  As videographers, we here at Bad Dog Video would like to note that software advances in the creation of add-on filters, etc., have now provided us with the ability to give a film-like appearance to video, further blurring the lines between the two mediums.  Thus, we can take a piece of video film and transform it using these effects to something that looks very different from traditional video.


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CURRENT PROJECTS:   Martin Gerschwitz's "The Day That Our Fathers Pass" Video (nearing completion)........  Golgotha - A LIVE Christian, Latin Rock Concert At Montebello Park Amphitheatre........  The Express Band At The Phoenix Club - Polka & More........  Performers & Speakers At The SoCal Music Expo LIVE At Bomb Shelter Rehearsal Studios........  Miss Tina Jackson Rehearsing In Costa Mesa........  And More!

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  Check out my Bad Dog Video Blogs & let me know what you think about them!  I might talk about a variety of things, such as video from my perspective, or from a clients' view.  I might talk about technical issues I've run into as a videographer or in capturing audio, or some of the tools, gadgets, technology or software that's out there for use in capturing video or audio.  I definitely don't have all the answers, but one thing's for sure... I have a passion for this business, and in capturing the performances and/or actions of the many interesting & talented people I meet along the way while doing it.


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If a picture is worth a thousand words...

... then a video that captures the moments of your special event could well be worth millions!  There is no doubt that video media is a huge part of our lives today.  And, what better way to re-experience your most memorable events, and share them with others, than to watch them on DVD?

Yet, the value of video does not end with capturing personal events.  Rather, it is quickly becoming known as must-have tool for the sale of homes, commercial real estate, cars, boats, and as a promotional device for a variety of performers, groups, and service-offering businesses.  And, with the advent of so many free online video sharing platforms on the internet these days, it's easy to use them to promote yourself or your business, provided you have a suitable video for that purpose.

At Bad Dog Video, we're here to help you record and make the most of capturing your special event on video!


Why Use Bad Dog Video's Services?

With the market literally flooded with consumer-grade video cameras these days, and some of them capable of capturing fairly good quality video in the best of circumstances, it is a valid question.  But there may be several reasons why you might need someone who is a little more savvy and creative in producing the best results on your video project.

Art & Lighting - First of all, not everyone has the required artistic skills needed to capture the right shots, or to frame them properly to make the initial footage interesting.  Lighting is also a big issue.  Is your subject facing toward, or away, from the light source?  Will the resulting video reveal only dark figures, shadows, silhouettes, and hard to see subject matter, or will it be pleasant to view and easy on the eyes?

Low Light - If you are shooting in low light situations, as often occurs indoors, at concerts, in nightclubs, or in a church or chapel, etc., many consumer-grade cameras will only capture dark images, silhouettes or poorly lit subjects.  Do you want to take that chance when many of these events only occur once?  Our two primary cameras are professional-grade to pro-sumer grade, and are among the highest-rated video cameras for low light filming.

Editing & Computer Skills - Next, editing (if required) is not only an art form, but it is tedious, time-consuming, and requires lots of patience.  Add to that, the need for a high level of skill with computers, and a good working knowledge of the editing and authoring software tools, which are all necessary parts of producing a good video.  Aside from the obvious learning curves, the fact is that not everyone has the time to develop all these skills.

Knowing Your Subject - Over the years I've worked for and with many different industries, many of them in connection with a 31-and-a-half year career in the telecommunications industry.  As a technician in the field, responsible for locating and repairing defective or damaged equipment and restoring critical service to those in need, I have a unique perspective and thousands of experiences on what it takes to communicate and use tools, equipment, and knowledge to get the job done.  As an inside sales representative, I understand the importance of selling a service or product and collecting payment for them.  As one of the first male operators in the telecommunications field, I understand first-hand what it takes to break through traditional barriers and overcome social taboos and still provide a high level of customer service.  And, as a former training and office supervisor I am aware of what it takes to manage a job, and help others learn what needs to be done to provide a service.

Changes In Marketing Media - Media has been undergoing tremendous change in recent years, and is continuing to do so.  Internet advertising and sales are growing at an exponential rate, and while photos, animations and Flash presentations are still being used to market products and services, video is now beginning to play a huge role in the marketing arena.  Traditional still photography and slideshow technologies are quickly taking a back seat to sales in real estate.


An article on multimedia marketing by Kimberly Blanton, of The Boston Globe newspaper, reprinted in early fall of 2007 in the Bakersfield Californian newspaper, drew some comparisons between the use of video and an increase in the sales potential for both cars and homes.  Based, in part, on the experiences of Mary Canales, who created a video to help sell her home in Windham, N.H., and who had used video to improve the sales of cars (as an automobile broker), the article points out some research that appears to back up her experiences.

The article states that coupled with exposure tools such as the streaming video and the internet, the use of video to market properties is increasing.  Canales had noticed that when she used video to promote the sale of cars, the cars sold better.  So, she used a video to help sell her home too.  Blanton reports that analysis by one real estate company in the U.S. reveals that, "listings with an accompanying video were watched by five times more visitors than those that didn't have video; and visitors watched the videos for at least 20 minutes, compared with three-to-six minute visits to listings with just static images."  "A virtual tour just isn't doing it anymore," the real estate company's rep said.



The Many Uses Of Video In Business

The roles for video in today's world are widely-varied and diverse.  Though it has long been known as a powerful presentation and sales tool for television commercials, documentaries, and movies, many people still don't realize the full range of potential uses that video has for use in their own businesses or private lives.  However, video has the ability to reach out and grab people's attention like no other known media.

Video can be used in many ways....

  • to promote and sell services, products, real estate (homes, land, & commercial), products, vehicles (boats, cars, motorcycles & other craft), musical equipment, or other personal items.

  • to increase the visibility of a product, item, vehicle, property, or project, etc., by increasing interest.

  • to demonstrate the capabilities of various services, products, groups or individuals.

  • to increase sales, garner increased support, improve viewership, or focus more attention on whatever is featured in your video.

And videos don't have to be long, or contain lots of glitzy special effects, etc., to be effective.  A simple 2-3 minute video that points out key elements, functions or services can improve the odds of your connection with potential buyers, customers, or interested groups.

In short, video has the potential to make a product, service, piece of real estate, cause, group, person, or item more appealing and focus more attention on them than is typical using other forms of media, such as still pictures, slideshows, newspaper or circular ads, or other means.

So, feel free to ask me how video can help you to achieve your goals.


Featured Videos On
Our You Tube Channel

Check out some of our Sample Videos on our Bad Dog Video You Tube channel at www.YouTube.com/BadDogVideos.  There you will see some of the compressed versions (not the high-quality AVI files we make our client DVDs from), which transmit and play better over the internet.


More On Sony DSR PD-170 Cameras

The August 2004 issue of DigitalTV magazine, a publication targeting broadcasters of Digital Television had this to say about Sony and the PD150-170 cameras:

Editor's introduction:

"DVCam is the most popular tape format of all time."

"You can use a Sony PD-150 and PD-170 DVCAM camcorder on a network news show. . . regularly."

Article, " Analog rides the Digital Bus," is about the three buses ABC has outfit to cover the election.

"Field production is conducted on DVCAM with two Sony DSR-PD170 camcorders."



Disappointed Performers - For the performers out there, how many times have you been disappointed by what was captured on video by your non-performing friends or family members?  As a musician with over 38 years of live performance experience, I have a first-hand perspective on what performers want to see.  For example, I know which person is playing what instrument, who is taking a solo, and that those special antics or moves on stage should be captured whenever possible.


The Benefits Of Performance Video - There are many reasons you or your group can benefit from shooting video during your performances.  First, video can be used as a learning tool.  Find out what you look like on stage, what you did that you shouldn't, what you didn't do that you should have, or what you might do in the future.  Next, learn more about how you sound on stage from the audience's point of view.  Things don't always sound the same out front as they do on stage.  Watch and re-watch the audience's reaction to your material, songs, or routines to help you learn what works and what doesn't.  And, the use of a good quality video can be invaluable in promoting your band or performing group on your web site, and on other sites that will let you feature your videos, such as You Tube and MySpace.  Finally, a quality video speaks volumes to club owners, booking agents, managers, and talent buyers when you include one in your Press Kit, or Promo Package.  They don't just get to hear a tape or CD of your sound, they get to see your how you look, how you perform, and how the audience reacts to your performance.

  Please contact us directly via phone or email listed above on the left with any needs, questions, needs, or suggestions.  We look forward to working with you on your video projects.





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Performances on Video Versus Film

An expert posting on the Digital Video Information Network recently summed up some basic differences between shooting with film media, as opposed to video tape, for various purposes.  In relation to the type of shooting we do, we're looking for the relevance and value connected to shooting with video tape, and particularly in relation to capturing live performances;  "I can completely understand why a budding filmmaker shooting on video would like his project to end up looking more like film, rather than the homogenized look that is characteristic of video," Wayne Orr writes.  He continues, "mind you, I am not saying there are not situations where the look of video is preferable to film. Most high-end music concerts shot on video look great and immediate, whereas film concerts seem "cool" and remote. IMHO.  Someone once said, "Video is what the eye sees, and film is what the imagination sees." Not bad."


Capturing Audio At Live Events

Performers... Need More Reasons To Consider My Services?   How about getting good quality audio to go with your video?  Live performances are among the most difficult when it comes to capturing good quality audio.  And, there are several reasons for this...

  • Camera mics are typically not good enough quality for live sound.

  • Bad room acoustics.

  • Poor quality sound system.

  • Poorly adjusted or mixed sound system.

  • Noisy room or patrons.

  • Bad room placement for recording audio.

  • and more.

Under the best of circumstances, you will have every instrument in the band mic'd up and/or running direct through the sound system.  When done this way, we can record a feed directly from your board, and provided all the levels are set correctly, you will get a very good audio recording.  Be aware that this will not always yield a good quality recording, though many people think it will.  The reason is that unless all the band members are playing at the same level on-stage (which typically they are not... i.e. often guitar & keyboard players are louder due to their amplification coming off the stage).  Thus, the mix from the board may be vocal, drum, & bass rich, and guitar and keyboard poor.  The sound person will often adjust the mix to bring out the lower volume instruments, etc., while adjusting those things that are louder on stage to a lower level.

Another solution, when it's not practical or possible to mic everyone, is to place some good quality microphones at some point in the room, using an X/Y pattern to capture a good room sound.  The down side of this method is that you will also capture all the talk, noise and chatter of the room, but if you're looking for that LIVE sound, this works well in most applications.

Typically, when I do live sound, I like to use multiple sound sources, as this gives you options later.  If I can get a direct feed off the sound board, then great, but I don't rely only on that source.  I will also set up mics to capture your sound from other locations... usually some directly into one of my cameras, and others capturing to a digital recorder.  Using this technique, or combinations of them, I can record multiple sound sources, which I can then work with later in my audio editor to get the best possible sound, based on what was available at the event.

However, all that being said, & not wanting to get too set in my ways, I'm always looking for better ways to capture live audio, and if you have any suggestions I'm open to hearing your ideas.   :)














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