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Many people think shooting video, and recording audio, are easy.  After all, you just point a camera, or phone, plug a few things in, press record, and end up with a great product, right?  While cameras and phones are creating better looking images (both moving and stills) all the time, many of them cannot compare to those shot with professional equipment operated by experienced shooters & editors.  The same is true for audio recording, where you often get what you pay for.

Pricing for a video project can vary widely, as does quality and experience of the shooter(s), and can depend on a number of factors.  Chief among them is what you're trying to achieve, what your budget is, and what's involved in creating that outcome.  Things you need to consider are (1) how many cameras & operators are needed, (2) What angles look best, and are you able to shoot from those places?  (3) Should I shoot video and record audio in a 'live' setting, or is a studio shoot best?  (4) Are you recording audio, where is your source audio coming from, how are you going to capture it... and will it sound good?  (5) What kind of lighting is present, and is your camera capable of recording good images in that light... especially if it's low light?  A professional shooter will consider all these factors, and more... including how you can get the most for your money!

Keep in mind that more cameras, operators, recording devices & associated equipment may mean longer setup and tear down times, but will often look better in terms of camera angles, adding more interest to your video for the viewers.  This can also be achieved in a studio setting using only one camera, but where you do several takes of each song.  This works best if you have pre-recorded audio that you lip sync and play along with, or that you record on-site in the same session, which you then lip sync to and play along with.  The pre-recorded, or recorded, audio is used for the final video.  If you're shooting live, you get one shot at it, so more cameras will still equal a more visually appealing video, and don't forget to include professional audio too!  There is no ONE right way.  It depends on your situation, your budget, and what you want to achieve.

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